World's Finest Chocolate manufactures chocolate in a modern facility using the finest ingredients. Since we purchase the raw ingredients, we work directly with our suppliers to ensure that they are certified Peanut Free or Peanut Free and Nut Free. All of the products we make are Peanut Free. We also have separate and dedicated production lines which use only Nut Free ingredients. Our product is regularly tested to provide assurance that our strict self-imposed standards are being maintained. For these reasons, we can confidently make the Peanut Free and Peanut and Nut Free claims.

Look for these symbols on our packaging.

This symbol represents a Peanut Free product. This symbol represents a Peanut and Nut Free product.

A letter which outlines the above and lists our Peanut and Nut Free products is available as a .pdf download so that you can refer to it or present it to others.

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