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Did you sell World's Finest® Chocolate as a kid? Are you selling WFC today? Are you a parent helping a child promote WFC? We would like to hear your fun, interesting, amusing or successful stories. Please e-mail them to . A couple of our favourite stories are listed below:

"World's Finest® Chocolate bars are hands down the best chocolate that I have ever had. When I was a kid, my elementary school sold World's Finest® Chocolate candy bars. I remember it was so much fun because for each box that you sold, you could reach into a fish bowl filled with change and get a handful. Years had gone by since I had seen a World's Finest® Chocolate bar; I didn't even know you were still in business until last year around this time. There was a school in our area that was selling them. I was so excited but I quickly found out that I didn't buy enough! This year when they came I bought 10 bars because I still think they are the best chocolate bar there is."


"... My neighbor and I were talking about our favourite chocolate and your candy bar (chocolate with almonds) came up. We both agreed 100% yours is the best we have ever had. Better than Godiva, Russell Stovers and all the rest! So glad to get your web site and have requested a catalog. Great to know you are still around and
making the best chocolate bars ever!"

Barbara J. Riley

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