World's Finest® Chocolate
Raising the Bar for Fundraising


World's Finest® Chocolate is the sweetest way to bring profit to your organization and smiles to your community.

We pride ourselves in providing the easiest fundraising program in the shortest amount of time.

We continue to lead the fundraising industry with our experienced fundraising specialists, exceptional customer service and premium products.

We provide the best value in fundraising and are committed to helping you achieve your fundraising goals.

Are you ready to plan a successful fundraiser?

8 Reasons to Choose WFC

Experience with Results

With more than 80 years of experience, we've helped fundraisers raise over $4 Billion Dollars. We put all of our experience into our products and service options. Our fundraising specialists have an average of 25 years of fundraising experience. We can help!


Our highly experienced sales and service professionals are here to help with all of your fundraising needs. Fundraising specialists in your area are dedicated to helping you plan the perfect fundraiser from start to finish — at no additional cost. We have the know-how to help and we care because our success depends on yours.

Maximum profit

Raise BIG profits with little effort. All of our products earn you a minimum of 40%, and as much as 50%, profit after taxes. The more boxes you sell, the more profit you can make!

Use our Online Profit Calculator to get a quick estimate. *Profit excludes shipping.

Best value products

Our products combine affordability and excellence, ensuring you get the most from your fundraising efforts. We believe in delivering quality and service without compromise, offering products that are both low-priced and high in value.

No Upfront Costs

Public and Catholic schools are automatically pre-approved for credit. Other creditworthy schools, organizations, and individuals can apply for credit.

Fun to Sell

It’s fun to sell something people look forward to buying. That means more participants in your campaign, each selling more and hitting your goal faster. In fact, our program wraps up in as little as two weeks. No fuss, no headaches, no hassle.

Easy to Sell

For many customers, chocolate is their #1 occasional indulgence & they enjoy brands and products unique to fundraising. Our chocolate is so delicious and well-known, it practically sells itself.

Best Quality, Brands and Selection

We have the most sought-after brands in the business: World’s Finest® is the #1 fundraising chocolate brand in Canada, and Laura Secord® is Canada's heritage brand and is synonymous with quality. Choose from our chocolate covered Continental Almonds, bars or individually wrapped pieces; we have all the best sellers….. and NOW offer curated non-chocolate products as well.

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